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Version :1.1.2
Compatibility :TomatoCart v1.1.x
Last Updated :2010-12-20 19:41:14
Categories Name :Payment Modules
Type Name :Free
Developer :DIXIPAY
Licence Name :Free
Votes :

Extension Description


The leader online payment in Middle East and Russia
We offer free Payment Module for all TomatoCart users

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  • kabom2011-06-26 18:26:15

    Hi, thank you for this payment, it is great. But i think there is something wrong in the code.
    line 68-71 the code should be like this:
    if (MODULE_PAYMENT_DIXIPAY_CURRENCY == \'Selected Currency\') {
    $currency = $osC_Currencies->getCode();
    } else {

  • JustBusiness2011-06-25 21:48:14

    im getting error at checkout with this payment gateway -

    Error code: Error in variable “CURRENCY”. Check Appendix of valid values of currencies.

  • conexion2010-12-21 09:03:31

    I see a payment gateway with 3 different languages (English, Russian and Arabic)

  • Alexan2010-12-21 08:53:37

    nice e-wallet

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