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CardSave Payment Module

Version :v.1.1.4
Compatibility :TomatoCart v1.1.x
Last Updated :2011-08-12 06:22:28
Categories Name :Payment Modules
Type Name :Free
Developer :jack.yin(weijian)
Licence Name :GPL
Votes :

Extension Description

CardSave Payment Module

-- Cardsave Redirect plugin installation
   Upload the files in the tomatocart folder to the TomatoCart web application root path,  such as htdocs/.

-- Cardsave Redirect plugin cofiguration

   Install the Cardsave Redirect  plugin
   In the admin panel,go to start->modules->payment modules, and install the Cardsave Redirect. And then click edit button to configuration the parameters. 

Enable Cardsave Redirect Module => True

Merchant ID, Merchant Password, Pre-Shared Key:  you could get these infomation from Cardsave website.
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