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Surcharge for Payment Type

Version :1
Compatibility :TomatoCart v1.1.x
Last Updated :2012-05-31 07:44:33
Categories Name :Payment Modules
Type Name :Free
Developer :alex
Licence Name :Free
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Extension Description

Surcharge for Payment Type

Hello :)

Tomato Cart is GREAT but NEW. Let's help all together to grow, with FREE contributions.

Commercial contributions SUCKS! 

Okay Let's to the point:

I had a problem, as lots of you as i saw in forums.

I have a payment type that i want to charge for this. For example, when somoene pays with paypal i want to charge them a fix amount and a percentage. If someone pays on delivery, i want to charge them a fix amount. But since I am a good seller, if total order is above a value, i can give it for free.

Yes, this module does everything i described :)

It's an ORDER TOTAL module, not a PAYMENT MODULE. 

Have Fun,


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  • abouk2012-05-31 07:48:30

    There is some problem with I uploaded the file 3 times, but nothing works.

    You can download it from:

    Have fun :)

    (thanks makis)

  • makjak2012-05-31 03:42:25

    Where is the extension???

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