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Stripe Payments Module for Tomato Cart

Version :1.0
Compatibility :TomatoCart v1.1.x
Last Updated :2012-12-20 13:44:32
Categories Name :Payment Modules
Type Name :Commercial
Developer :Blue Toucan
Licence Name :Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported
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Extension Description

Stripe Payments Module for Tomato Cart says

"Full-stack payments

You don’t need a merchant account or gateway. Stripe handles everything, including storing cards, subscriptions, and direct payouts to your bank account."

This module will allow you to accept Stripe payments through your Tomato Cart store - developed on version 1.1.8 it enables you to choose whether to create customer 'objects' at Stripe; whether to run CVV and AVS checks and, if either check fails, change the order status accordingly.

Stripe is a US based company and currently accepts payments only in USD or CAN - in addition you will need a USA or Canadian bank account to get paid.


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  • barrybigbelly2015-07-23 15:46:02

    as an update to my previous comment goto

    for details of a working stripe modual plugin

  • barrybigbelly2015-07-23 15:36:32

    This module has bugs, and DOSNT WORK. After contacting Blue Tucan, and getting no-where I decided to Intergrate stripe myself. If anyone would like me to intergrate stripe payments into their tomatocart install, please contact me at

  • BodyDesignz2014-12-14 04:47:42

    The module works, payments are submitted but there seems to be a problem with it adding the Orders to TomatoCart. A lady ordered items from me and used Stripe to pay, the Order never showed in the TomatoCart admin section but the payment reflected in my Stripe Account.

  • vans2014-08-24 17:39:49

    Not detected on payment modules for install :(

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