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Improved Popup Cart Script!

Version :Stable v1
Compatibility :TomatoCart v1.1.x
Last Updated :2013-05-15 03:13:15
Categories Name :Templates
Type Name :Free
Developer :jack.yin(weijian)
Licence Name :GPL
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Extension Description

Improved Popup Cart Script!

I have improved the popup cart.

-- When the customer put the mouse on the popup cart rather than click it, the popup cart will be displayed automatically.

-- when the customer put the mouse on the popup cart, the cart contents will not be closed automatically unless the customer's mouse leave from it.   

-- If the mouse leave out from it, the popup cart will be closed immediately. If the customer do the other actions, the popup cart will be closed automatically after 3 seconds. 

Please download the in the attachment and then unzip it. There is an includes directory in it. Please just copy the directory into tomatocart root directory on your web server to override the same directory. It will not impact your system because it just update the script which is responsible for the popup cart effect.

Note: you have to clear the browser cache to see the updates.

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  • Jonathan2013-11-10 18:00:09

    It fixed a problem with my pop-up cart, for some reason the links in the cart stopped working.
    I like this even to be in the core.

    But there is just one thing: The prices in the pop-up cart are excl VAt show even when you activate show prices incl VAT.

    The Total Amount is correct.

    But many thanks Jack!!!!

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