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Homepage Meta Info includes Meta Keywords and Meta Description. It is not visible to visitors, but is visible only to the search engine crawlers. So Meta Info is especially important as it can be used to influence the ranking of your site to a certain extent and the way it appears in some search results.
In the Homepage Meta Info section, you can enter the proper Meta info for your store.

Homepage Meta Info

Figure 1shows the Homepage Meta Info listing page under the admin>Configuration> omepage Meta Info section.

Figure 1 Homepage Meta Info

Enter Meta Keywords and Meta Description.
  1. Meta Keywords
    Meta Keywords are supposed to be a brief list of the most important themes of your site. Pick the 4 or 10 terms that most accurately describe the content of your page.
  2. Meta Description
    It is a part of HTML code that allows you to give a concise summary of your site content. The words placed in this field are often used in the search engines result pages, just below the Title as a brief description of your page. In the Search Engine Results Pages, after reading the Title, a user usually studies the description of the page and decides whether he/she wants to visit your site or not. So excessive description should be avoided.Instead, that of 165 characters should do fine.
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