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My Store


My Store lists general information values for the store owner.

My Store

Figure 1 shows the My Store listing page under the admin>Configuration > Configuration > My Store section.

Figure 1 My Store listing page
To change the details,click the fields under the column header of "Value".
  • Store Name
  • Store Owner
    The name of the store owner will present in the "From" field in any emails to show which website the emails come from.
  • E-mail Address
    The general email address is used for receiving. This will be the destination for any emails sent through your website. This should be a single email address only.
  • E-mail From
    The emails in the "From" field of any emails which have been sent show which website the emails come from.This should be a single email address only.
  • Country
  • Zone
    Set a zone of the country for the store. It is necessary to enter because it will be uesed in tax or shipping cost.
  • Send Extra Order Email to
    Through the email address orders will be received.Here several email addresses could be set for backups. If the store owner's email is not in this listing the store owner will not be notified of an order. Whereas the 'E-Mail Address' above is for only one entry, this is how to effectively add addresses to that function.
  • Allow Guest to Tell a Friend
    If "True" , when customers are going shopping, a tell-a-friend email about the store will be sent.
  • Store Address and Phone
    These information will present in the invoice and packaging slip.
  • Tax Decimal Places
    Pad the tax value this amount of decimal places.
  • Display Prices with Tax
    Set to "True", and the price will be displayed with tax, otherwise without.
  • Invoice Start Number
    Set the initial number for the invoice.
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