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Shipping/Packaging allows the store owner to set up values for weight that are used by the shipping modules.


Figure 1 shows the Shipping/Packaging listing page under the admin>Configuration>Configuration>Shipping/Packaging section.

Figure 1 Shipping/Packaging listing page
To change the details, click the field under the column header of "Value" next to the "Name"being edited.

Five values that can be set are:

  • Country of Origin
    The country of origin to be used in shipping quotes.

  • Postal Code
    Postal code of the store to be used in shipping quotes.

  • Enter the Maximum Package Weight You Will Ship
    Carriers have a maximum weight limit for a single package.

  • Package Tare Weight
    This is the weight of your shipping box and packing material.This overhead weight is added to the weight of the products when computing postage.

  • Larger Packages - Percentage Increase
    This is the minimum portion of packing material for a large order. Setting this to 10 means packing a large order increases its weight by 10%.
    The system estimates the weight of the packing material as whichever is larger: the fixed Tare weight, or the percentage of the product weight.
    For example, set Tare weight=0.25 and Percentage=10. Then a 1-kilogram package gets 1.25 kilograms worth of postage (the fixed Tare weight is larger). And 100 kilograms of product gets 110 kilograms worth of postage (the variable percentage is larger).

  • Default Shipping Unit
    The unit of weight to be used for shipping is set as Grams, Kilograms, Ounces, or Pounds.
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